A guest article written by students Arielle Sanford and Arjun Sethi-Olowin, edited by Tyler Perini.

Figure 1: Recent years have seen a rise in the total number of combined tropical and subtropical storms as well as hurricanes with record yearly highs reached twice in the past two decades [2].

Natural disasters have plagued humanity for all of history. However, in recent years with the rise of climate change, major weather events such as hurricanes have come with even increasing intensity [1]. The number of…

Combining dynamic optimization with macro-economic theory to study the interaction between flooding and economic growth.

A guest article written by student Natasha Patnaik, edited by Tyler Perini.

Mathematical modeling can help us understand the relationship between flooding and economic growth. Photo from WallpaperAccess.

The 2016 paper “Modeling the Interaction Between Flooding Events and Economic Growth” [1], published in Ecological Economics, is a great example of how…

An Integer Programming Approach to Tele-Psychotherapy Scheduling

A guest article written by student Amey Maley, edited by Tyler Perini.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated many to the silent mental health crisis taking place worldwide. From the loss of loved ones to job security, myriad pandemic-related stressors have exacerbated poor…

Doing Good with Good OR: Award Winning Research by Can Zhang

Every year, INFORMS holds a student paper competition, Doing Good with Good OR. This year’s award was given to Can Zhang from Georgia Institute of Technology. Here are the highlights from his research paper, “Truthful Mechanims for Medical Surplus Product Allocation.”

Even though American news commonly has stories about the…

Tyler Perini

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at Rice Uni interested in how mathematics — operations research, data analytics, and much more — can be used for social good.

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